Thirati K  is a makeup artist. At the age of 14, she started her career as a model and actress in Thailand. During this time, she became enamored with the effects of makeup. Later, she attended Srinakarinvirote University in Thailand and received a bachelor's degree in fine arts major in acting and directing. While attending the university, She has learn to work with a group to accomplish and what it means to be a part of something larger than yourself. She also learned all facets of makeup from beauty to special effects and began working as a freelance makeup artist. Her interest and passion for makeup made it an obvious career choice and lead her to the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles. As a graduate of Cinema Makeup School, she learned from some of the best makeup artists in the industry. After graduation, she moved on to an internship at American Makeup and FX (learning under Emmy award winning makeup artist, Dean Jones). Her journey then brought her to Makeup Effects Laboratories (MEL) At MEL, Thirati is gaining valuable experience under the guidance and mentorship of Academy award winner Kevin Haney, who was mentored by Dick Smith (known as the Godfather of makeup). This environment provides her the opportunity to learn from the best!; all the while working on special effects projects for some of the biggest television shows and movies in Hollywood. She has also enrolled as a student in Dick Smith's Advanced Professional Makeup Course. This internationally renowned program has a track record of success surpassing that of any makeup school in the world today. With her strong desire and level of commitment, Thirati K is well on her way to, herself, being a renowned makeup artist and one who is held in high regard and respect by her peers in the industry.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Directing.

  • Diploma of Makeup in Master program.

  • Master of Arts in Films and Productions.


  • Makeup design for all cameras, media types and events.

  • Beauty makeup skills include: natural look, airbrushing, glamour, high fashion, avant garde, Geisha, tribal, clown and period makeup.

  • Special FX Makeup skills include: Minor cuts and bruises to combat trauma, all types of blood work, sweat, dirt, scarring, death makeup, prosthetics, old age, bald caps and hair laying for beard and mustache work, sculpt and mold transfer prosthetics.

  • Basic hairstyling for males and females

  • Professional on-set conduct

  • Collaboration & leadership skills

Addition Skills

  • Cinematography

  • Screenwriting craft

  • Directing craft

  • Digital editing ( Avid Media Composser, Premiere CC, Final Cut)

  • Scheduling & Budgeting

  • Visual story-telling